Hello, I'm Sonal.

Product Design Intern @ the New York Times.
MS HCI student @ Indiana University Bloomington.

Currently designing for the New York Times homepage that gets at least 5 million views per day.

Actively seeking Product Design internships for spring 2023 and full-time Product Design positions for summer 2023.

Case studies

Establishing readers' trust in New York Times

Improving readers’ understanding of the processes, people and proof that underpins Times journalism.

Prototyping. Design Handoff. Shipped Project.

Election News Literacy
Campaign for Google News

Educating people to help them become critical consumers of election news and smart participants of political discussions.

UX Research and Design. Passion Project.

Designing for behaviour change through Fitbit App

Helping students monitor their sleep data by making the UX of the sleep module in Fitbit, comprehensible, personalized and delightful.

UX Research and Design. Academic Project.

Improving Black Friday Sale Experience for Best Buy

An integrated solution for long payment queues and employee findability for a Best Buy store.

UX Research and Design. Sponsored by Best Buy.

Short projects


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