Hello, I'm Sonal

A product designer, with two years of experience in designing products for multiple industries including news, media, education, health, and retail. I'm passionate about designing products that empower people and boost businesses.

Product Design @ New York Times
MS HCI/d student @ Indiana University Bloomington

Case studies

Designing for Trust at the New York Times
Improving readers’ understanding of processes and policies that underpin Times’ journalism. Supporting the company's mission.
Interaction and Visual Design. Mobile and Web. Shipped Project
Phishing Simulation Software
Improving phishing awareness among employees through Phishing Simulation. Enterprise Solution.
Product Design. Web. Academic Project.
News Literacy Toolkit for Apple News
Educating news consumers to perceive news critically to avoid the spread of misinformation. Solving a social problem.
Product Design. Mobile. Passion Project.
Improving Sleep Monitoring in Fitbit
Making the complex sleep data, personalized, easy to understand, and engaging. Increasing user engagement.
Product Design. Mobile. Academic Project.
Improving Shopping Experience for Best Buy
Resolving long payment queues and employee findability for Best Buy stores. Increasing customer satisfaction.
UX Research and Design. Physical Product. Sponsored Project.
Integrating Trailhead into Salesforce.com
Increasing the click-through rate for Trailhead.com from the main marketing site. Coming soon.
UX Research and Design. Web. Sponsored Project.

What it's like to work with me

Tulio Jarocki
Senior Product Designer at The New York Times

I had the pleasure of working with Sonal during her internship at The New York Times, and I can confidently say that she is an exceptional designer with a lot of potential. She has a natural talent for understanding user and business problems, and designing grounded and executable solutions. From day one of her internship at The New York Times, she consistently produced impactful design solutions grounded in evidence-based research. She was always open to feedback and collaborated effectively with other designers and cross-functional partners. During her time at the Times, Sonal's skills improved substantially in a short amount of time, which speaks to her diligence and commitment to growth. However, the quality that stood out to me most was her go-getter attitude – she is somebody who gets things done. Sonal will be a fantastic addition to any design team and will continue to make meaningful contributions to the industry.

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