About me

Previously an architect, the desire to create a positive social impact, brought me to the intersection of design, technology and people. I’m currently a graduate student of HCI/d at Indiana University Bloomington where I’m building my design philosophy, a strategic mindset and a user-centric paradigm.

I have professionally worked as a designer across architecture, interiors, and furniture for three years and the acquired design acumen gives me a meticulous approach towards creating experiences.

Other than work and study, I like learning about different cultures, psychology and strategic communication. I derive energy from intellectually stimulating content and a good amount of caffeine. A vegan and meditator, I’m often found talking about health, food and sustainability. I have a penchant for a repertoire of good lexicon and a wardrobe of neutrals.

I like diversity

Design domains I've worked in:
Architecture, Interiors, Furniture, UX

Countries I've worked in:
Japan, India, U.S.A

Nationalities I have worked with:
Japanese, Turkish, French, Italian, Israeli, American, Indian

Work Experience in Design:
3 years

I love capturing human-space interaction

Yeah, I mean how humans interact with spaces. Clicked this at National Art Centre in Tokyo.

I like minimalism in my designs

One of the many interior projects I designed as an architect before beginning with HCI.

Coming back to UX, here's what I love doing

My interest as a gradient on UX landscape

Let's connect

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